The 12/16/2010

The 12/16/2010 the last day of Corp. commnuty college’s semester. I don’t know what to write, but just to thank  this last day, because after this day comes the break moment for almost everybody. It will be a great relaxing moment before we restart the next semester. I have been waiting this moment for a long time and praying God to give me strength and willing to attein the last of my class. So happy to enjoy this last moment by doing the final test. Wow! However, the painful reality is what it happening in the world now. Allover the this world, have seen countries one after one collapsing under the new rules Fed and other organisations are tried to pass by pretending to improve the economy. My worry is that events we are seeing across  other countries can not arrive and happen in this Blessing country? So if it is the case, what will your dream be? fullfill or going in the water?

Think yourself and get ready for the New World Order. For it is on the way home.

Thanks everybody and enjoy your last day of this semester.


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