My Favorite Book

        My favorit book is Grammar because im learning English.  When I first came to America I didn’t know any words in English.  One time I was in the store , and I needed to buy something but i didn’t know where it was so I try to ask a cashier , but she didn’t undarstand me.  At the time i was so embarrest because I needed something , but nobady understood me.  Now that im going to school my Greammer book and my teachers have help me alot and I know how to solve a problem my self.

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2 Responses to My Favorite Book

  1. elenadrik says:

    If you live in Westlake, you can go to the Westlake Portar Public Library. They have a lot of books for ESL students. I use it a lot, too. I love this place! I found the Dictionary of Idioms. It’s a very interesting book. Even my husband, who knows English better than me, likes this book, too. Moreover, it is free!

  2. rafeeda says:

    Gramer is my favorit book too because we learn alot about English.

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