Just A Dream

         One day I had a dream that I would fail my test.  That day was our final test and I

saw a dream that when I got my test back I got a big fat F.  I was so stresst out that day.  I

told my friend Drita about that dream and she told me that i would be fine and get a good

grade on it.  When we went to school we started the test.  I was stressed out and I tried my

best on it .  The next day we got our test I got an A.  I was so happy.  I showed it to my

friend and she said tha my dream was the opposite of what I got . That day I was so happy

and I told my children about it too .

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1 Response to Just A Dream

  1. italia17 says:

    I could not begin to tell you how many times this happened to me! I hate it because i stress out but study more, then pass. So it’s not all to bad.

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