I wonder why?..

I wonder why every other school was closed and not Tri-c was not? I understand that it is a college and there are finals coming up, but the weather is horrible! On my way to school my friend fell down and got hurt. Then my car doors wouldn’t open and were frozen shut! To make matters worse i was driving and the roads were a disaster! I risked my life for school and getting there on time. I was highly upset and the drive home was even more worse then the morning. The school needs a snow day on days like today!

About italia17

I am very athletic, love to have fun, and very dedicated to school and work. I come from a huge family and i am always doing something or going somewhere for them.
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2 Responses to I wonder why?..

  1. lorenca11 says:

    Yes!It’s a terrible weather!I would like to stay home because the streets are icy.The schools should be closed,but I think the reason why they don’t close the school is because there are final exams.I know that is dangerous to drive in this weather;however,this decision isn’t in our hand.By the way GOOD LUCK everyone in the final exams!

  2. s00927520 says:

    Exactly! Even Lakeland Community College and other Colleges in Cuyahoga County were closed! I was very mad! But I did not go to class because the weather was horrible and I love 45 minutes away! But glad you made it to class safe and good luck on finals!

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