I woke up today to a blizard. Its so cold outside and it looks like its only going to get worst. This crap is going to go on for three days. Could this be the worst we seen in years? I was at Giant Eagle yeasterday and the lines were crazy. I stood in like for a half hour. Evertbody was out yesterday before the storm came. Driving in it, its scary. Ever since I was on my way home from work and did a 360 a few times down Rocky River Drive it changed the way I drive. I use to not mind driving in this weather but now that I got a little older, I dont like it at all. Every little thing makes me nervious. Besides that my tires suck. I trust myself its the other drivers I dont trust. They think they can just go as fast as they want because they are in a truck, and they get mad at you for going slow. The wind outside is blowing everywere and the wind chill is making it below zero at times. I cant wait till this all blows over.

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