ice skating

A couple of weeks ago me and a few of my friends went ice skating at progressive field. The rink is so big and fun to skate on. Well, a few of my friends did not know how to ice skate so it was an adventure. My friend kyle didnt know how to stop so he ended up going too fast and flipping over the railing. I never laughed so hard in my entire life. Good thing he was ok though. My other friend Angel kept falling. He also could not control where he went so half of the time he was off of the rink. Everyone else that went skated pretty good and we all had a nice time. I think we all laughed a bit too much that night!

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3 Responses to ice skating

  1. ashhorak says:

    I want to go to that!! I heard it was fun but expensive.

  2. s00927520 says:

    I am so jealous! I really wanted to go to Snow Days at Progressive field. I love ice skating!

  3. fgwrick5 says:

    That seems alot of fun! I think there trying to get the fans to come since the Indians aren’t doing so well!

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