Go back to China???

I have my last test on Dec 15. After that I will fly to LA directly. I didn’t want to and plan to go back to China this winter break, but I really want now. I miss China, I miss the food there, I miss all the shopping mall there, I miss Chinese people. Almost all my Chinese friends will go back to China and the rest of them choose to stay in U.S and travel around.  All things in U.S seem unattractive to me and I know it’s only because my emotion of going back to China is so strong.

Whatever, wish all of you have a great break!

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1 Response to Go back to China???

  1. lorenca11 says:

    I wish you a safe trip and have a good time back in your country.I think the same is for everyone who is thinking to go back in his country.You are grown there you have your family your friends so, of course that you will feel a lot better overthere than here in USA.Especially if you are in the first year of living in USA.

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