Finals plus Stress

   One more week and we will finally be on christmas break! I cant wait, especially since it has started to snow really bad. I mean finals are bad enough plus having to add the stress of leaving extra early so you wont be late makes it even worse. For example like today, every other school around us has off but yet we still have classes. I understand its finals and they dont want to have to postpone them but still. I mean half the people that come here live a good distance away, its not like every other college were most people live on campus.  Granted the streets were not horrible where I was coming from but still, I am so glad I dont have to take a high way to get here. All I heard about on the radio this morning was how every highway around us had numerous car accidents on them. Oh well I guess in the end I just have to live with it all. Hopefully the snow will let up some though because I have to come back around one and I dont like driving when its this bad out!!

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