The ending semester

What a huge break that it’s coming! The semester is almost done and i think students are seemed to be relaxed because they think they are so tired of studying and confrontating homework and tests in class. They want to get ride of it and have a few time break. So amazing to hear that from some students, for it makes me sometimes feel a little bit sad because i will not review some collegues again or maybe i’ll see them two semesters later in one of classes that will be common to our part of study.For others, it is their last semester and they will be in the commencement of their career. But my question is as the country is in the bad position regardless of the economy, will they be able to find or realise thier dream in this terrible crisis? I think they will face a huge challenge with those who have several of experience in the the field they will or they graduate to get a job, or nevertheless, they will get the job but at a low income revenue of what the the school promises them to earn after thier graduation. That’s the reality of life. McGas.

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1 Response to The ending semester

  1. italia17 says:

    I agree with you and i can’t wait for break and Christmas!

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