Winter is here and it is cold. I dont like going out in this kind of wether. The car slides all over the place and people tend to go to fast. There are somethings I like about winter. I think it is pretty outside. I like to take my child sled ridding, go out and make a snowman, sit in the house and drink hot coco, and have snowball fights. I remember tmy childs first winter when he was able to walk in the snow. He was scared and I had to carry him everywere. That was a tough winter. Some of my family never even seen snow and I think it is crazy because they have no idea what they are missing. The snow can be fun but after christmas it starts to get old to me and im ready for summer.

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3 Responses to Snow

  1. rlmerriner says:

    When i was younger i enjoyed winter way ore then i do now.I loved going sled riding and having snowball fights,and making snowmen.Now all i want is for it to stop snowing,my breaks not to lock when i hit them as my car slides everywhere,and for me to be able to see out my windshield.I hate how people drive in winter,they either drive crazy fast and reckless or way slow then necessary.After Christmas,summer sounds great.

  2. italia17 says:

    I see what you mean it has it’s ups and downs but more downs for me. haha

  3. s00927520 says:

    I absolutely HATE the cold! It puts me in a bad mood sometimes. Haha. And yes, I hate when people drive like they’ve never driven through snow before. It irritates me!

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