when I came in the class, I felt so bad becausethis semester was a

new teacher. Ferst week,I didn’t understand her when she

demostrated.Next week I startet to understund her.I like her

when she demonstrate story, or when she make question.I am

proud for my teachebecause she is a excellente teacher.Ifeel good

for my self because iunderstand her very good.

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4 Responses to MyTeacher

  1. kreardon7700 says:

    Yea, I really like Dr. Clark. I think she is a wonderful teacher.

  2. rafeeda says:

    I think that she is a really good teacher too.

  3. lorenca11 says:

    I like our teacher because she uses some interesting learning methods.She is awsome.I hope I’ll have her like a teacher next semester.

  4. ula82 says:

    She is so funny , I never got sleepy or bored in her class

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