i wonder??

How can you be with someone so long and you find out you know nothing about them. Will the guy i been talking to for two years has had some many secerts now they are coming out. it made me not want to talk to him. crazy part about it was we just layed everything out the other day..but he didnt tell the whole truth about alot. but i ened up telling him everything. And the sad part about these he knows u cant stand liers to saveme life. if anyone lies tome i just push them out my life cause i dont deal with that bullshit. so i kno what i have to do now. And i know its going to break my heart a little bit. But its for the best.

About quarles

Hi my name is Mellissa Quarles and im 18 years old.. i work at the golden carral.. im goin to college to take up radiography..
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2 Responses to i wonder??

  1. kreardon7700 says:

    Dont wast your time because its seems like it will come to a end shortly or get worst, so the faster you move on the faster you can put this all behind you and fine someone that you truely loves you.

  2. rlmerriner says:

    I know what you mean,I cant stand liars,expecially when your always honest with them.Its worse when they know you hate liars in the first place and if someones not honest with you in the first place and then you find out later you never even know if you can truist them again.Its happen to me in the past so many times,so im the same way and i rarely give second chances.I would make sure though that you really want this person out of your life though before making a quick decision

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