I hate when people assume i have a natural negative outlook on things.Recently in the past year I have learned that most of my friendships are more bullshit then amazing.Im not even sad that I don’t talk to them anymore,more so that I wish i would have known how sucky of people they were and that I would have spent my time on other people and not of wasted it with them.I have managed to lose two best friends within a 6 month period but only because they are complete liars and backing stabbing type people.I dont think I have high standards for friendship,asking for friends to be honest with you,and loyal doesn’t seem to hard.Maybe its just me though.

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2 Responses to Friendship

  1. italia17 says:

    I have recently been through the same and cut off a lot of negative people out of my life. It’ll pay off and everything will be okay.

  2. rafeeda says:

    Im sorry to here that you dont get along with friends but I think that you need to get more along with you friends.

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