Something funny about dentist

So I had a dental appointment today. It was just as horrible as it normally is. Remember when we always hated to go to the dentist’s office as kids? Well at 20 years of age, I still can’t stand the place. I would really rather do almost anything else over going to get my teeth cleaned. I know it’s important to have a healthy set of chompers, but there are plenty of foods you can gum, right?

About Vicky

My name is Vicky, I come from France. I am 19 years old. I love all kind of sports, sing and dance. I write sometimes... That's my first time in WordPress and I enjoy it :)
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3 Responses to Something funny about dentist

  1. ula82 says:

    I hate to go there too , I remembered when I was 13 my dentist told my brother please do not bring her here any more , because I was crying and begging him to stop .

  2. kreardon7700 says:

    I think this is something that we will never get over.

  3. rlmerriner says:

    I know how you feel ever since i got one of my teeth knocked out and had to get it fixed.Ive had so many issues caused fromo that,that even now when i go into the dentist I still hate to be there,and the novacaine makes me sick

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