International Friends

I am a very lucky person because I have a lot of friends. They are from different countries. I have friends from Russia because we have a lot of common (language, of course :)), friends from Europe – Hungary,  Moldova, Israel, and Ukraine; from Asia -China, Burma: and from America, of course. This Thanksgiving my family was invited to my friends’ house. There was a big international company. Some of people were my friends, but some of them I just met. At first, I was afraid how it will be. Of course, I was worried for nothing. It was a wonderful evening! Everybody felt comfortable. There were a lot of jokes, and everyone understood them. I agree we have a different history and another stuff, but we have a lot of common, too, and  I like it. I like my international friends! People here are very friendly!

About elenadrik

My name is Elena. I am from Russia. I've been living here two years. I live with my husband and son. We moved to the United States because my husband has a job here.
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1 Response to International Friends

  1. lorenca11 says:

    I am happy for you because you had a really great time. It’s very important to have different friends,so you can practice your language at all ,and you feel better.I think having a lot of friends from different countries it’s great because you learn about their culture and practice your listening with different acceses.

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