what is Herpes

      I heard Herpes before , but I never was interested about this subject. Today I made a researsh to see these Herpes look like because my friend was infected .  the doctor said to her that 60% of people in USA have Herpes . I think it is not too dangerous right? I wrote the name in google and I got thes informations .If you don’t know what i’m talking about , I want to show you the deffinition of the HERPES .

HSV is a large , double stranded DNA virus , all the programming of the virus ability to infect someone in contrained in the DNA . the DNA is packaged in a ‘ diamond like’ protein structure . called an icosahedron. The virus has an’ over coat’ , the envelope, which is necessary for the ‘ docking’ procedure when the virus infects a cell . In the other words, an HSV particle without the envelope in not infectious, since  it cannot enter the cell.

How does HSV enter the body?

The virus gains entry into the body , not through intract skin, but through muscous membranes, such as oral region, vagina, tip of the penis, or the eye. The virus will first replicate ( make copies of itself) inside surface cells at these sites, eventually killing the infected surface cell . In a person with normal immunity . The immune system is quickly mobilized to contain the primary infection …..   

If you are intersted about this subject you can go to www.herpesguide.ca

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  1. elenadrik says:

    Yes, I know what you tallking about. Last year my small sun had a Herpes right on Christmas time! 😦 We didn’t go to the party because a lot of children were where, and I was afraid that somebody can be infected. My son had a cold, he became weaker, and his immunity sistem wasn’t so good. That’s why he infected Herpes, doctor said. If somebody filling same, I can give you a little advice: increase your immunity sistem and use Lysine (you can buy it without prescription). Good luck everybody! Don’t be sick!

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