Tough Decision

I want to finish up school soon so I can become a high school teacher. I have 3 years left until I get my degree. Then I have to go back to school during the Summer to get my bachelors. But, lately I’ve been getting tired of school and sick of all this work. It’s just get annoying I feel like I’ve been in school my whole life with no breaks. Lately I’ve been thinking about joining the navy or the marines. I see alot of my freinds doing it and they really like it because they never liked school. I haven’t told my parents, my family, my friends or even my girlfriend because I don’t want to upset them. They all support me and all the decisions I make but, this one I don’t think they would support. I feel if I make this decision I will hurt them badly. And if something happens to me or if I get deported that will really piss them off. My situation isn’t easy because alot of people depend on me and I don’t want to let them down. I have an aging Yiayia which means Grandmother in Greek. She is the last of my grandparents and if anything happened to her while I was gone I could never live with myself. Also, I was planning on proposing soon to my girlfriend but, I dont want to enlist and be sent off after doing that to her. I just don’t know what to do. Its driving me insane! What should I do??

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2 Responses to Tough Decision

  1. elenadrik says:

    Yes, it’s a really tough decision! Very, very difficult!! Maybe you shoult talk to your girlfreind. I know, it will be hard for her too…but, maybe togever you can find a right decision. I hope you can.

  2. jazmine1 says:

    Follow your heart and then think logically and you will find your answer. Don’t rush to make a decision. Take time to think about it. I hope everything goes good for you.

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