Porsche is planning to introduce another SUV

Porsche is well-known sports car brand. Its 911 series is very popular because of its traditional design as well as fabulous technologies. When Porsche announced that they will make SUV in few years ago with ‘Cayane’ every one was surprised because they thought Porsche will definitely fail since it is not common for sports car brand to make any sedan or SUV. However, ‘Cayane’ was boom for last few years which actually promote entire business of Porsche. Now, Porsche is planning to make another SUV that is smaller than ‘Cayane’ named ‘Cajun’. People predict that Cajun will be also one of powerful model in the industry as well as Cayane.

In my opinion, who is a big fan of Porsche, it is not really good strategy for Porsche. Since Porsche already made SUV as well as four-door sedan, the brand image of Porsche is now getting lower. Unlike few years ago, people do think Porsche as one of the premium brands such as Mercedes , BMW or Audi. As a perspective of fan, I hope Porsche choose better strategy that can make their brand image more ‘sporty’ just like its origin.

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4 Responses to Porsche is planning to introduce another SUV

  1. jazmine1 says:

    Porsches are nice cars! I bet a SUV would be even nicer. I wish I could afford one of those, it would be great!

  2. ula82 says:

    I can not believe that I found this article ,couples days ago my friend visited me while my husband was outside the house ,any way ,when he came , he asked me does your friend has a Porsche, I told him no way her car was so ugly , but when he described it to me I realized that was her car , I am not familiar with car brands but it was an SUV and I did not like it . I thought Porsche must be much nicer than the one I saw .

  3. s00941585 says:

    I can’t stand Porsches. They look bad and are too small. Any one that buys a Porsche is just doing it for the status symbol. If I was going to spend all the money on a car I would get a Shelby Cobra Mustang or a Camro.

  4. rafeeda says:

    Porsche sonds like a nice car. I hope you enjoy it.(:

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