First snowing!

One of most exciting things happened today, snowing! I love snow because in Shanghai I can’t see snow every year becasue of the hot weather. Of course, I have never seen a heavy snow. How I wish I could make snowball when I was a child. I believe, in the near future, I will let my dream come ture! And also, in China, snowing is lucky symptom which means in the next year farmers will have an abundant harvest.

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3 Responses to First snowing!

  1. jazmine1 says:

    I think snow is always exciting to see because it sets the mood of the holidays. I can understand why you love snow, it’s pretty!

  2. s00941585 says:

    I like the snow and I can’t stand when people comoplain about it. You live un Ohio so get use to it or move down south.

  3. rafeeda says:

    I think snow is pretty but its also very dangerous driving in it too.

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