Time Flies

I can’t believe it’s already December! I feel like Halloween was just yesterday and i was blogging about it. This morning when i woke up and seen ut was December 1st it made me jump up because i swaer i don’t kno where the days have gone. I basically just go to school, work, and hang out and time still flies. To think that Christmas time is only 24 days away is just so weird. You see everyone shopping and going crazy for the holidays. That’s why some people dread the holidays because they strees out about money, or family. It’s supposed to be a good time and time for everyone to be together. Not stressing or dreading holidays. That’s why my advice is to take in day by day and enjoy life/ holidays..because time really does fly.

About italia17

I am very athletic, love to have fun, and very dedicated to school and work. I come from a huge family and i am always doing something or going somewhere for them.
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