The painter with multiple personalities

Kim Noble has got ‘multiple personalities’ since childhood because of abuse. There were at most 20 different personalities inside herself and after treatment, it has been reduced to 12 personalities. In the year 2005, she was suggested by a doctor to start learning painting in order to help herself relax and cure the illness. No one could imagine that the 12 different personalities in Kim Noble are all great painters, who have various styles of painting.

Every personality has different preference, some prefer colorful pictures, whereas some prefer dark and sad ones. There is also one identity who is good at abstract painting. Kim Noble switches the different personalities every day and those personalities will choose their own preference and start to paint. Kim Noble and her personalities’ paintings have been recognized by many professional people. And the 12 painters in her body have created over 200 pieces during the past few years.

I am personally very interested in multiple personality. And I once questioned that while the person who has multiple personality is in trouble or a very serious situation, which personality will control him/her? I found out that actually there won’t be several personalities at the same time, and the personality who is strong and powerful will control the whole body and mind while the person is in that situation. And this is because people choose to adapt and accomodate the circumstance¬†unconsciously.


Let’s enjoy the different paintings from them:

Bonny prefers colorful pictures.

Abi likes fashion.

Anon loves dark color.

It seems that MJ is an abstractionist.

Patricia’s painting makes people think about peace.


Dawn’s pictures remind people of sadness.

Suzie’s pieces are about a mother holding a baby in her arm.

This painter does not have a name. But we can feel that her paintings are about the experience of being abuse during the childhood of Noble.

This is Karen.

Kenny prefers colors too.

Finally comes to Kim Noble’s picture. Can you recognize which personality is she having while she was taking this picture?

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