Oh! My goodness, what an ending semester i have? Wow! everything seems falling at the same time. First of all, all professors want to end every chapter they have at the due date, and they want also all assignment to be completed at the due date they post on the blackboard. But at the same moment, you have to go to work for some students, just as i am, to sustain yourself. Moreover, at work, you just like to school, you are under pression, for the job needs to be completed on time not late; otherwise, you get blame all the time. Can you imagine how you can feel at the end of the day? Happy! or Angry! Indeed, even if you feel both sensation, nothing  gonna change that; unless, you decide to break the system yourself. Pressure is the common feeling for everybody who lives in America. If you’re not under pressure, it means you are someone who is not doing nothing in this society or you kind of body who did great during a period of life and got a great saving to survive the rest of the life. Does everybody feel pressure now? Let McGas knows about it!

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1 Response to Pressure

  1. italia17 says:

    Don’t stress yourself out! That’s probably the only thing that could save you and keep help keep your head up.

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