Im happy

Im happy thanksgiving is over now its time for christmas. I cant wait i love chirstmas. I already started shopping for people im almost done. I bought some shoes for my godson and his brother and sister. Now i only got to get something for my mom, dad and my best friend. There is more people i should be getting thing for but im only buying for the people i love and have always been there when i needed them. That might sound mean but i dont like my brothers cause they aint shit so i aint buying nothing for them. They wasnt here when my parents was making pay all the bills buy myself when we all live in the same house so fuck them. But whatever i cant wait. i think im gone put my treeon my next day off which is in two days cant wait.

About quarles

Hi my name is Mellissa Quarles and im 18 years old.. i work at the golden carral.. im goin to college to take up radiography..
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1 Response to Im happy

  1. bnkrzii says:

    I love christmas too is it so fun and everything is so pretty. I’m almost done shopping because i’m so excited for it. I’m really sorry about your brothers not helping and they don’t really deserve anything but don’t let it get to you or ruin your christmas it will still be great.

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