Great Break

This break was great but way too short I had an amazing time with my friends and family. This weekend I had a great Thanksgiving with my family and was so happy to see them all. we did our gift exchange and im so excited because I got my favorite aunt so she will be easy to buy for. this weekend needed to be longer but I guess I can’t complain because we only have two weeks of school till finals then an entire month off. It is going to be so nice to have a big break to relax and enjoy not having homework. as for right now though I have to school, homework, and work which is getting more busy because I am training to be a hostess for red robin all this week. it will be busy for the next few weeks but will be worth it when I get a break.

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  1. jdenavich says:

    I agree the weekend was definitely too short. But the sooner we get these next two weeks done the sooner we get a break. =)

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