Crazy Time of Year

Right when Thanksgiving ends I feel the urge to go shopping but I end up not going. I think the reason why is I can’t stand all the chaos of all the other crazy shoppers on Black Friday. Then I feel need to go later in the week but is to lazy too. I usually end up doing my shopping 1 week before Christmas. They usually don’t have many items left or already have ran out. I think its bad in our society that we feel we need to get people presents to make them happy for Christmas. I think just showing up or sharing the holiday with the person. Presents and everything else in this world mean nothing. I think of all the families who lost someone special. No presents no gifts or anything could bring that person back. I think we should just all share and enjoy the hooliday with our loved ones! Instead of all that drama to get presents!

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1 Response to Crazy Time of Year

  1. italia17 says:

    I just blogged about the same thing in a way and know exactly what you mean! I completly agree. Oh, by the way i went shopping on Black Friday but started Thursday night at 1o..all i have to say is CRAZY!! i love shopping but not black friday it’s very annoying!

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