Black Friday Shopping

    This year was my first year going out shopping on black friday.Me and two of my friends went out, I had fun but I also got too see a side of people that was not good. The first store we went to was Old Navy, it was fine at first there was a huge line but nothing to crazy. But right about when they were going to open the door, everyone started crowding around and pushing. The poor employee looked horrified to open the door. Of course when she did it was like a mad rush to get in. The next store we went to was Wal Mart. Why would we even attempt to go there you ask? I honestly have no idea. It was about 100 times worse then Old Navy. I mean have things really gotten so out of hand that you need to have employees guarding the stuff thats on sale so people wont take it earlier.  Well we left Wal Mart about one and decided to go get food, and of course the only place open around where we were was Dennies and I think everyone had the same idea we did because the place was packed! After we left there we hit up on last store and headed home. I can honestly say that night was an adventure, my friends are already talking about next year and our plan of camping out. haha but I dont know if ill be going out again next year. I guess I will just have to wait and see next year around this time what I wanna do.

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2 Responses to Black Friday Shopping

  1. bnkrzii says:

    I think black friday shopping is crazy and never go I don’t know if I could put up with people on black friday but I give you props for trying it

  2. ula82 says:

    I went 2 years a go to JC penny .I decided before what i am gonna buy so it took me half an hour and then I went home directly . On my way to house, I passed Walmart’s parking lot and it was crazy there .

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