Missing Basketball so bad !

It’s been a long time I didn’t play basketball ! I used to play EVERYDAY and now nothing. Work, school, work, school …. all the time ! Basketball is something I love the most after my mother. It’s my life. When I play I feel free ! I love the way I feel ! I am just MYSELF ! I feel so bored and so fat without it ! I don’t feel good in my body. I tried out for the Tri-C team but the training are all the way on the Eastside, besides I can’t practise everyday because I have classes at the same time 😦 ! When I watch the games on TV, I just want to go inside, take the ball and play with them ! I am going to meet with an other coach soon, so I’ll see how things go ! Pray for me ! But if anyone knows somewhere I can play in North Olmsted or around, please let me know !

About Vicky

My name is Vicky, I come from France. I am 19 years old. I love all kind of sports, sing and dance. I write sometimes... That's my first time in WordPress and I enjoy it :)
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1 Response to Missing Basketball so bad !

  1. caitlinm05 says:

    i know how you feel. i always want to play soccer but i cant!

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