Turkey Time

I can’t wait  for Thanksgiving dinner, this year we are going over my friend’s parents house. Her mom is a really good cook, so I’m very excited. This is first year that I’m going over someone else home for Thanksgiving, usually I’m make the dinner myself. It will be nice just to relax and enjoy other person cooking. I’m very grateful that we were invited to go somewhere else, because I didn’t want to spend it in our apartment. I hoped that we would have moved already, but that wasn’t a case.

About jusi1980

My name is Justyna and I was born in Poland, moved to US ten years ago. I work full time for Sterling Jewelers Inc, I've been with them for last eight years. It's my third semester at Tri-c.
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1 Response to Turkey Time

  1. ula82 says:

    I hope you enjoyed it …for me this was my first one to stay at home alone. My husband had to work and no one invited us 😦

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