Great Morning!!!!!!!

This morning I woke up good and quiet .I did what i have to do I check my bag to see my books, anyway everything looks good. I went to school as usual . I got to  the school ‘s parking lot I parcked my car at great place  . when I want to scratsh my permit for parking , I didn’t find it which  I bought it yesterday . I said thats okey i’ll go to buy another one i checked my purse i didn’t have any cash but i had my credit card . after that, i went to the cafeteria to buy another one with my card which it didn’t work . I didn’t know why anyway we tried many times finally it worked . than, I went to my car , I scrached the permit , and i left it and i went to my class . I was in my way when i remenbered that i scrashted the wrong date . It means that i had to go back to fix it , I did it ,and I returned to my class . I went inside ,and i had sit . when i want to got my books from the back I realize that they were the wrong books . I was very ungry .Then, i went back to my house to get my books . I drove fast to come back on time which is impossible . In my way to the school I got ticket from the police man who I didn’t know  which way  he came it from . suddenly, i saw him after me . finally i went to the class with the hope that’s enough for this morning .

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1 Response to Great Morning!!!!!!!

  1. jusi1980 says:

    Sounds like a horrible morning, we all have them though. I’m always in a rush myself, my boyfriend always makes fun of me, he says I should get up half hour early, and I will be fine. I love to sleep to much, to waste half hour of sleep, so I don’t listen.

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