The Chinese invisible painter

Bolin Liu has made ‘invisibility’ possible in his own pieces. He made amazing ‘invisible man’ in his pieces in order to express the real situation of artists, especially painters in China right now. The invisible man in the pictures is representing many painters at the moment. For example, <Hide in city> is trying to protest the bad situation of painters’ studios being removed.

It usually takes Bolin Liu a very long time to prepare the concept and paint on the model. The key point of his painting is to make the model almost the same as the background and the circumstances. While you are feeling so surprised about the idea of being ‘invisible’, I think it is a really meaningful way to show a real social situation. From my perspective, the ‘invisible’ man is also a representation of being isolated and ignored to some extent. And I think this is true for many artists right now. More attention should be paid onto them and the artistic activities and work should be considered and concerned by people.

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  1. ashhorak says:

    Thats so cool! lol

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