My sons second birthday

My son turned two on Novemeber 18th and to me that was a big day. It made me realize how fast he is growing up and how I should treasure everyday I have with him. On that day I looked back and thought about when he was first born and how happy I was. It was a great feeling to see how far I have came as a parent and how happy my son is. He is healthy and happy and loving life. Thats all I could ask for. Im so proud of him.

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4 Responses to My sons second birthday

  1. ashhorak says:

    Congrats and Happy Birthday to your son!

  2. akraiger says:

    Happy Birthday! and good for you!

  3. kreardon7700 says:

    They do grow up fast.

  4. ula82 says:

    ooh am tearing . I have a 16 months old son, he is the only one now,I felt the same when he turned one . wish you see your son live happy and healthy all his life 🙂

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