my best friend birthday

My best friend birthday is coming and ever time these year is the worst. I love my best friend to death but she is crazy when things dont go her way.She gets crazy cause she cant find anything to wear. than she doesnt want to do anything she trys doging evrybody. Then she finally wants to do something after you changed into pj and decided not to do anything. Its crazy. And u cant never find her anything cause she is so picky. So it takes for ever to find her a gift. I think im just gone take her some where she likes and out to eat cause she is just way to much.

About quarles

Hi my name is Mellissa Quarles and im 18 years old.. i work at the golden carral.. im goin to college to take up radiography..
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2 Responses to my best friend birthday

  1. ashhorak says:

    I have a friend that is the same way. It actually drove our friendship to drift apart. I cant deal with people like that. We are still friends but we don’t hang out as much, much no offense to her but I’m glad and much more of a relief for me.

  2. akraiger says:

    i hate birthdays!

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