i hate changes

For some reason i hate changes. I hate haveing something one way then it all changes i cant stand it. For explain i been seeing these boy for a year and a half and we have the most craZyest relationship. We were going all good now we are starting to go back into are old ways. Are at home when i was the baby and i didnt have to do anything and they would give me money. Now i pay all the bills in my house and i give them money to have fun. The crazy part about that is i dont even use my own money to do that. And its starting to get on my nervues. Somethimes it makes me want to pack up and leave. But some times i feel like im the only one goin thou crazy changes

About quarles

Hi my name is Mellissa Quarles and im 18 years old.. i work at the golden carral.. im goin to college to take up radiography..
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1 Response to i hate changes

  1. s00941585 says:

    Everyone hates change people like to get into a routine that works and stick with it. If there is change in your routine it’s going to throw off your day.

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