Girls are stupid…

Not all girls, but most I should say.  One of my good friends recently just broke up with her boyfriend from a year.  They broke up because they have a child together and he wont get a job to help support them, and he was caught cheating on her.  Anyways,  that’s not why I’m annoyed with her.  What makes me mad is a few things.  First of all, she keeps going on her facebook and posting things totally contradicting herself.  My friend kept putting things talking about how he down graded and she dosent care…but my question is, if she didnt care, why would you write about it?  Not only is that irritating, but instead of being single and just living life normal and waiting until she meets someone again, she is trying to make herself have a relationship with just anyone.  She “supposedly” hooked up with a guy from her work, and when I asked her why she did, she said because she was lonely and needs to find a new boyfriend. So can someone tell me why its so bad to wait to find a person right for you and be single until then?  Why do girls in particular try to force things?

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4 Responses to Girls are stupid…

  1. JackayJordan says:

    She is probably just trying to get her mind of her baby daddy. Having a kid together makes it harder then anything to break up. Its just a phase your friend is going through and when that right person does come by she will stop. But as a friend of hers you should just have her back no matter what she decides and be there for her when she needs you.

  2. akraiger says:

    i just hate stupid girls on facebook. clearly you care if you post a million things about it. i just wanna say to them no one cares!

  3. caitlinm05 says:

    girls are stupid. i know what you mean!!

  4. ula82 says:

    Woman usually needs someone to protect her,to take care of her ,and sure to love her . that what happens if she get married ,so usually girls make their best to find a man and settle down . But girls have to chose wisely and do not make herself cheap by hanging around .And let some people call her STUPID 😉

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