Fun weekend

So this weekend I celebrated Thanksgiving early with my one family i had so much fun being with everyone. we picked names for the christmas present exchange and I happy because I got my favorite aunt so it will be easy to buy her a present. This weekend was also fun because my boyfriend is home and is home until the 28th. It is like old times all of my friends are all hanging out because everyone is home and has free time. we all went bowling and out to eat and still have a whole week of plans ahead of us. to end this weekend off my boyfriend and i went to see my favorite movie Harry Potter and I loved it. I thought this one actually followed the book almost exactly so im glad they are making it into two movies because it made the movie a ton better then if it was in one.

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1 Response to Fun weekend

  1. akraiger says:

    i love gift exchanges! they’re so much fun. except when you get someone you don’t really know.

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