what a week

    So lately I have not been feeling very too well. Then all the sudden last monday my eyes started bothering me. When I woke up Tuesday morning one of my eyes was swollen shut. I took some medicine and it went down. I went to work and was fine till later that night when it swelled up again. I couldnt figure out when it was swelling up and it was driving me nuts.  Well after it swelling up on off for a couple of days I went to the doctor. I got to sit there for well over three hours for them to tell me I had allergies. But I had never had allergies before in my life so that didnt make since, and I didnt know what I could have an allergy too, I hadnt changed anything lately. After talking to my doctor for a little bit longer she told me that she would put money on it that I was getting allergies to my cats. But I didnt think that could have been true, I have had my cats since I was 5. But she informed me that you can become allergic to anything over night, something happenes and maybe something you have never been allergic to you become allergic to for no reason. And let me tell you it sucks I have to take over the counter allergy medicine like everyday so my eyes dont swell up which is not fun at all. So yeah I definitely think I have the worst luck ever, I mean what are the odds I would become allergic to my cats after 13 years.

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