Justin Beiber

I went to the Justin Beiber concert on Wednesday with my mom and two younger sisters. There were a lot of teen girls with their moms there, which I expected to see. What I didn’t expect to see was how these mothers were dressing. I heard about this kind of thing on tv but I really didn’t think adult mothers would dress inapporiate to a sixteen year olds concert when they were with their daughters. This lady who had to be atleast sixty was sitting infront of us with a belly shirt on and low pants. Now it wasn’t a hott day. It was actually really cold so it was not wheather apporaite either. Just makes you think that some mothers are putting a bad example out there for their children.

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1 Response to Justin Beiber

  1. kreardon7700 says:

    these days it seems like the older people are getting more out of control. I dont no what has gotten into them. I think that their husbands either died or divorce them so now they have freedom and dont no what to do with then self so they go out and start dressing sevy in hopes to fine new friends or maybe they just think it is cute to dress that way. I was downtown then the concert was going on and I thinnk it was raining that day.

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