I hate flying

Recently I flew to California and let me tell you getting there wasn’t easy. Of course I was flying all by myself. I left from Cleveland Hopkins, finding my way in Hopkins wasn’t too bad considering it’s not horribly big. From Cleveland I flew into Chicago where the airport is huge. The walk from one set of gates to another is a horrible walk. Even if your carry-on is two pounds it begins to feel like its twenty. Now, getting around in the airport isn’t even the worst part it’s the waiting, taking off, and the ear popping that are the ABSOLUTE worst. Waiting around builds up my fear of flying like you wouldn’t believe. For me having time to sit there and think of everything that could go wrong really puts me in a panic. I hate how long it takes for everyone to get on the plane and to put their carry-on in the overhead compartment. People can be so picky about something so simple as where their bags. When I sit down in my seat, I always buckle my seatbelt as hard as I can and I start dreading the take off. I hate the fact that you can see the plane tilting up when taking off. I always notice that the person in front of me is now higher up than I am. Now, I don’t mind the nicely flying in the air part. As long as I have something to do I’m fine. But if my ears start popping, I just wanna cry. The popping of the ears really bothers me. Nothing works. I’ve tried the whole chewing gum thing. It just barely helps. I will say that when you finally land its the greatest feeling. Its great knowing you made it safe and the adventages you’re about to have. Hopefully one day I’ll be okay with flying.

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2 Responses to I hate flying

  1. elenadrik says:

    Yes, I can understand you. I was flying a lot to Russia. It 13 hours!!! Can you imagine this? My English wasn’t good like now, and I was flying with my small son without my husband. It was very difficult, but I try to find something good in this situation. I like to meet with new people. We talked a lot because it was first and last time then you see each other. Try this. I hope it’ll help.

  2. ashhorak says:

    Glad you made it there and back safely! Hope ya had fun it California!

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