I dont know

Im not sure what to blog about today,I have soo much going on inside my head though.Nothing I really want to share but just bits and pieces of thoughts from the past week or so.Time goes by so fast now,I can hardly believe its almost december and soon Ill be saying the same thing when its about to be 2011.I could talk about my phone breaking this morning and feeling really unattached from my social life but thats not really interesting .I could also tell a story about the women who came into my work last night and cut her hand on something in the store but didnt know and was bleeding all over everything.Thats more gross then entertaining though.Or I could even mention the revalation Ive had about some of my friends but theres no nice way of putting it and I dont really feel like explaining.I ended up writing more in this blog then I thought,well at least Im done writing it now.

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