My Favorite Show

Every week on Mondays and Tuesdays nights I’m absent for the rest of the world. That’s right “Dancing with the Stars” is on TV.  I absolutely love this show. I’m glued to the TV, till it’s over. This season, I’m routing for Jennifer Grey, she is unbelievable when she dances. Despite of her bad neck injury, she kicks everybody’s butt. Her being on the show, brings back memories from “Dirty Dancing”, if we only could bring Patrick Swayze back, too. All that passion while they performing makes you forget everything. I have to give credit to judges as well, Bruno’s personality is out of this world. Well, I hope that Jennifer wins, it’s getting close though, Brandi is her biggest competition, so it will be interesting to watch what happens.

About jusi1980

My name is Justyna and I was born in Poland, moved to US ten years ago. I work full time for Sterling Jewelers Inc, I've been with them for last eight years. It's my third semester at Tri-c.
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1 Response to My Favorite Show

  1. bnkrzii says:

    I don’t really watch dancing with the stars I never really got into it, but my parents watch it. I do know whose on the show this year though and i agree I love Jennifer Grey and Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies. Hope she wins!

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