It is really unnecessary for it to be this cold! I hate the cold! I hate waking up in the morning and walking outside in the cold. It puts me in a bad mood. It makes me want to move to Florida where they don’t see any snow! I do not want winter to come any time soon, thats for sure! I just want to stay inside and sit by the fire!

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3 Responses to Brr..

  1. malak87 says:

    Hahaha, you sound like someone I know — my sister– but she is in my home country. I agree with you about the moving part, sometimes I feel the same. By the way the tittle sounds like an arabic word and it means cold 🙂

  2. bnkrzii says:

    I like the snow and how pretty it looks when it just snows i just wish it wasn’t so cold when it came I can handle it for a while but it feels like winter just drags on and I wanna stay inside.

  3. ula82 says:

    I want to move toooo 😦 , I hate cold so much . Actually it is necessary to have all this cold . I do not know scientifically why ?,but as God creates this world, he knows what is he doing and everything in this life for a purpose.

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