True Friends

The other day I was over my friend Rachel’s house watching a movie. I went outside to get my phone charger and noticed alot of the cars on the street were egged. When I got to mine I noticed it was egged too. I was so pissed I hate when people mess with stuff of mine especially my car Edward! So anyways I ran back in and told Rachel and we went to Shell to get it clean off but, the car wash was closed so we used the brushes with water to clean it off. Then this black guy appears going would you like some help, “I go no thanks but he helped anyways.” He was a little strange he kpet staring at Rachel and saying how gorgeous she was but, i didn’t really pay attention. Well we finished and got all the yolk out, I was so happy. I told the man thank you and as we were leaving he goes whoa little man you need to pay me. I told him i didnt have any and he got really angry. He kept swearing at me then he said pay me or take me to East Cleveland. I knew if I took him there I wouldn’t be coming back alive. Then these Arabs pulled up and i asked for their help and they just laugh. Then the black got really angry and started shoving me and took my keys I wanted to fight back but, I didnt know if he had a weapon. As all this was going on Rachel snuck out of the car for help. The manager of the store came out and asked if there was trouble the guy told me to shut the F*** up and he put his arm around me like we were buddies and said everything is fine. Then he started to shove me again and demanded for money. All of the sudden I look i see my dudes Chuckie, Blue, and Lamar coming with Rachel. I was so relieved. They said hand over the keys or will mess you up he gave the keys and ran away. I thank god for having good friends and coming to my rescue. I never thought I would experience this North Olmsted but, I guess it can happen anywhere. Next time I swear I’ll be prepared. I’m lucky to be alive and i thank the lord!


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