Bye! Bye! Wish you the best!

I recently got out of serious relationship and I felt broken. I just moved out of my ex’s house to my best friend’s and it’s been difficult for me ever since. Although, I felt relieved that I got away from him, something still didn’t feel right. I was doubting my decisions and I kept asking myself, am I doing the right thing? Am I on the right path? Well, I recently found all the answers to my questions.  My parents are happy with me, which is a good sign. My friends tell me that I made the right choice. I can finally be myself and do whatever I want without someone always complaining or trying to control  me.  He destroyed me mentally because he made me feel like I was always doing something wrong, but now I know am right! I finally feel at peace with myself. I’m going to school, I have a good job, and I have fun! I am not going to let anyone stop me from succeeding because I am my own person with my own thoughts and opinions and no one is going to make me change!

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1 Response to Bye! Bye! Wish you the best!

  1. ula82 says:

    wish the best for you too . actually no one is perfect ,but as you feel relief now and your friend and parents feel the same , do not look behind . all the best and hope you r going to find a good husband in future 🙂 .

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