Whats the Law+

    Is it true that you are innocent until proven guilty? Im starting to think not. Can they just go by he say she say? Well down in virgina they are common welth and thats what they are doing to my sister. They treat her like crap and wont let her see a doctor. She is looking at 10 to 20 years for something she had nothing to do with. Just because someone said that she said something thats why they did it, she is going down for it. Nobody want to do their job and investigate anything cause they dont want to do their job. Her lawyer feel asleep on her in court. She got a new lawyer but only to get our hopes up and turn and walk away from her right before a big trial. Judge said “can we hurry this up I been up since 8 and I would like to go home” when he has a 23 year old young lady that he just told weeks ago that she is looking at life. If you dont have money for a good lawyer than you are screwed. Nonbody wants to help nobody out these days. What is this world coming to? This world is powered money and power, if you dont have them you seem to be nothing. Whatever happen to someone helping someone because they want to, not because its their job. I dont no what i can do to help my sister. I feel as if I should go to virgina to invesitgate her class. Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to Whats the Law+

  1. rlmerriner says:

    I agree,I think the way things are becoming is horrible and its horrible that thats happening to your sister.People instantly assume when someones on trail that their guilty and with the economy theses days i dont know how they expect you to have some amazing lawyer.

  2. s00941585 says:

    People don’t care about anybody now a days. They just care if they get oaied or not. The world is going down hill and their is nothing we an do about it. With all the coruption in the system if tou don’t have money or if you don’thave the right last name than your nothing.

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