So Quick to Judge

Some people are so quick to judge someone.  Recently I was telling one of my new coworkers about my boyfriend.  She was asking questions like about his name and then she asked if he had a job.  My boyfriend is 23 with no job I told her.  She asked if it bothered me and how I could be with a man that didn’t have any type of job or money.  It made me very frustrated because my boyfriend (Phil) might not have a job, but he goes to school full-time at Bryant & Stratton for Criminal Justice, and he knows what he wants to be in life and is doing something to accomplish it.  More importantly, he treats me with respect and how I want to be treated.  We never fight, argue, and he has never once cheated on me or anything.  We have a really good relationship so him not having a job isn’t a problem for me.  Maybe I’m wrong but just because someone doesn’t have a job, doesn’t mean they are a bad person, or a bad boyfriend.  I have a job and honestly all that matters to me is that I’m with someone who treats me right and how I deserve to be treated.

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1 Response to So Quick to Judge

  1. jdenavich says:

    I completely agree with you. Its not like he is just sitting at home doing nothing, and if he treats you good and your happy thats all that matters.

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