selfish people

   Everyone says the Holidays are the best time of the year and I would have to agree. The only part that I hate is that people become very moody. I work at marcs and people this time of the year people are not friendly and complain about everything. I just dont understand how this is sappose to be a happy time and a giving time but noo. I almost feel like people become more selfish during this time of the year instead of helping others out.  Everyone gets stressed, I understand that. We all have our days when we are in a bad mood due to the stress but I dont think its right to take out your stress on other people. Im not just talking about not taking your stress out on store employees either, but to be friendly to family, friends and strangers also.

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3 Responses to selfish people

  1. ashhorak says:

    I agree. People are always more grouchy at this time of year and I cant seem to understand why. I know Im usually always happy, but more people need to relax and calm down.

  2. rlmerriner says:

    Trust me I know how you feel.This has to be the happiest time of year and customers at my job just ruin it.I dont understand why they have to be so mean and rude about things at all

  3. elenadrik says:

    WOW! Interesting remark. I never worked at the store. I’m a customer, but I understand you. I don’t want to be rude, I always try to be nice and polite at the store. I’m a new person in America, I’m living third year here, and I want to say that American’s stores are Klondike or paradise for customers. Why are they unfriendly? I wish you really good costomers!

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