I think this is one of the worst things to do to be honest. It’s no good and leads to nothing but stress, anxiety, and an over whelming feeling. If there is any procrastinators out there you know exactly what i am talking about. To keep putting your work off until last minute makes you have even more work then what you started off with! What made me think of this is wasn’t a personal experience but more of an observation of people. Although i have experienced this before, i don’t want to again. Being on top of things and getting your work done when it is given to you is way better. That way your not freaking yourself out all week or day thinking about how you have to do this or that. You just get it done and feel better about yourself and your school work. So trust and believe in what i say in procrastinating is not the way to go!

About italia17

I am very athletic, love to have fun, and very dedicated to school and work. I come from a huge family and i am always doing something or going somewhere for them.
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