Life Is Not a Free Ride

I dont understand how all of my sisters dont want to do anything with their lives. They have kids, and just sit home doing nothing, living with their boyfriends parents. They barrow money off everyone and never pays anybody back. They think everyone owes them a living in life. Everyone is tired of supporting then and their kids. They seem to think life is a free ride and get mad at you when you dont give them what they ask for. You try to talk to them about a job and they start  thinking you are dogging then. I wish they would get their lives together. This is getting to be old news and not to mention they are not getting any younger.

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2 Responses to Life Is Not a Free Ride

  1. s00941585 says:

    They really need to get thrie ass off the couch and get a job. I can’t stand people that don’t do anything and expect everything to be handed to them.

  2. ula82 says:

    Ok guys I am a housewife too , that dose not mean that I am not working ,cleaning cooking feeding my kids . is not that better than make strangers (babysitters) to take care of my children ? but the different here that my husband is a very good provider thanks God , so I do not have to worry .He has to work outside and I have to work inside, and we are all happy about that .

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