I love my job

Im so glad I finally got a job that fits my personality and schedule. I used to work in factory full-time. It wasn’t the greatest job but it paid the bills. I had to quit because school was starting. I believe that school is more important than working almost everyday from four to two in the morning! After I quit I started to ask around about part-time jobs. Finally, I got lucky because I recently got hired at the Sushi Rock as a hostess. I love this job because I like to dress up and I get to meet players from the Browns all the time. Also, I like how the job is flexible to my schedule. I love to mingle and thats what the job is all about; greeting and being presentable.

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2 Responses to I love my job

  1. jdenavich says:

    Aw good for you! I am glad to hear you like your job. Now adays thats very rare to hear.

  2. jusi1980 says:

    Congratulations, it sounds like a great job. Good luck with it.

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