The other day when I was mowing my Grandma’s lawn and I discovered this cat. He was gold and pretty big so I named him Goldie. He kept following me and meowing at me. I found out the neighbor next door that moved left him behind. So, I was wondering why he was so friendly and playful. Well I always wanted a pet since my Dog Sparkie died when I was 10. So I went to give him milk and turkey and he ate it. Then when I was going home he was following me but, wouldnt leave the yard and when I went to pick him up he started hissing and trying to scratch me. I told my Dad and he said hes showing loyalty thinking his owner will come back. It made me so that to think that because I knew they weren’t coming. How mean can you be to a poor defenseless animal? So everyday I go over there to feed him and give him milk and brush his fur. I always disliked cats and was completely a dog lover but, there is something about this cat! Anyways, the other day I got him to follow me and come into my house since its getting cold out. He liked and is doing great except we found out my Dad is allergic to cats! So I didnt want to just throw him into the streets again but, were holding onto him until someone wants him. If anyone is interested please let me know? He’s a great cat just needs love and care!

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3 Responses to Goldie

  1. ashhorak says:

    Awhh that was nice. I love cats, but cant have one at my boyfriends house…no animals I guess. But hopefully someone will take him in, Especially since its winter time now.

  2. italia17 says:

    That is so nice of you! I really don’t like cats and once that cat would of hissed at me i would of left! But thats sweet..

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